“Fabulous Night !! Vegas Valentinos were phenomenal from beginning to end!! They where a hit at my husbands surprise 30th! Reviewer: Sandy Masison Event Date: August 12th, 2016 Services Provided: Party Band, Southern Rock Band Rating: 5 out of 5”
Sandra – Gig Salad Review

Awesome Fun !!! The Vegas Valentinos were professional from the start, communicating well and ready to go at show time. I was hosting a private party, and they were the perfect fit, blending originals and familiar songs with a sound that made everyone want to dance. Great bunch of guys, funny and very talented. I cant wait to work with them again as the feedback from all who attended was off the charts positive! Thank you Vegas Valentino’s!”
Jon – Gig Salad Review

“The Vegas Valentinos bring the Twang to Quincy The Vegas Valentinos defy easy categorization, from their rockabilly roots to their more honky-tonk present style, to their innate knack for comedy. This is a band, after all, that once used the fiction that they were all half-brothers as a marketing tool, penned a country song about “Bigfoot,” made a romantic ditty called “Inflatable Date” a central part of their stage shows, gleefully participated in Baltimore’s “Night of 100 Elvises,” and is working on a suite intended as a not-quite-serious tribute to NASCAR.”
Jay Miller – Patriot Ledger

“the highly individualistic Vegas Valentinos version gives it a new lease on life. One wonders what Sam Phillips would have thought of this version, but taking his personal credo into account (“Be different!”), we feel fairly confident that he would have approved. It stands on it’s own as much as the versions by Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup and Elvis do… and it Rocks. Just try and sit still while listening to this!”
BlackCat Rockabilly UK

Outlaw Country/Americana